Saturday, February 23, 2013

Show 5.5: Highway to Hell, Georgetown Brings its Streak to Syracuse

We had the last 20 minutes of our show cut off, but fortunately none of our half-hour talk with CasualHoya was missed. Good thing that tends to be the best part of our show! CLICK HERE to hear our chat with our esteemed guest!

On today's show:


·         Hoyas’ streak up to 8!
o   Slip by Cincy on Friday, crush DePaul on Wednesday
·         DSR goes off for 33 in DePaul game
o   How high is this guy’s ceiling?
o   Can we continue to expect high-level performances from him?
·         Otto hurts knee, only plays 20 minutes against DePaul
o   Something to be worried about?
o   Encouraging sign that the team can score 90 without his full time?
·         Showdown with Syracuse
o   What does this one mean to you?
o   Keys to the game  

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Show 5.4: Georgetown may never lose again! CasualHoya drops in with some thoughts

We had some minor technical difficulties so we're missing the first 5 minutes of our phone call with CasualHoya, but that still leaves 25 minutes of awesome Hoyas basketball talk! To listen to the show, CLICK HERE and click on Part 1 for the first 10 minutes. Part 2 has the remainder of the show!

On today's show:

·         Hoyas keep the streak going
o   Win ugly at Rutgers, beat Marquette nearly wire to wire at home
o   Hoyas prevail despite horrendous refereeing on Saturday
o   Buzz Williams’ technical helps Georgetown to reverse momentum on Monday
·         Georgetown cracks Top 15
o   Is this about where they belong?
·         Preview at Cincinnati, home against DePaul on Wednesday
o   Cincy has been kryptonite for the Hoyas, winning the last 4
o   Can Georgetown shut down Sean Kilpatrick, take advantage of no Yancy Gates?
o   DePaul playing good teams (Marquette, ND) close lately
·         Big East Talk
o   Player of the year candidates: Porter, MCW, Sean Kilpatrick, Peyton Siva, Jack Cooley
o   Chaos in the standings. Top 9 teams separated by 1.5 games
o   Who do you think will end up with the double byes?
o   How many tourney teams does this conference have?


·         Kansas drops 3rd straight on Saturday, then destroys Kansas State
·         Indiana stays at #1 even after bad loss to Illinois. Agree?
·         Duke squeaks by UNC and Boston College, Miami stays undefeated in ACC
·         Is it good for college basketball that there is so much parity?
·         Nerlens Noel done for the year after ACL tear
o   Will he be the same player after recovery?


·         Thoughts on Miami report
o   Whatever’s left of ARod’s legacy now completely tarnished?
o   What does this mean for Gio Gonzalez after his career year in 2012?

Friday, February 8, 2013

Show 5.3: Super Bowl Aftermath and the Hoyas are Rolling!

To listen to the show, CLICK HERE

On today's show:


·         Georgetown romps for the second time against St. John’s
o   Nate Lubick leads in scoring, records a double-double
o   Mikael actually doesn’t look like crap
o   Aaron Bowen with amazing dunk
·         Team now 6-1 without Whittington
o   Are we just better without him?
·         Tough stretch coming up, will the high level of play continue?
o   Rutgers Saturday, Marquette Monday
·         Hoyas just 1 game back of 1st place in Big East
o   Is a double bye attainable?


·         Ravens win 34-31, Ray Lewis rides into the sunset
·         Joe Flacco named game MVP, do you agree?
o   Who else could have won it?
·         Ravens elect to take safety with 10 seconds remaining rather than punt from their own endzone
o   Genius or dumb?
·         Power outage
o   Thanks Obama!
o   Conspiracy by NFL to prevent Super Bowl blowout?
·         Favorite commercial
·         49ers accrue first Super Bowl loss.
·         Any chance of a rematch/repeat for Baltimore?


·         Top 25 teams going down!
o   Indiana, Florida, Kansas, OSU, Creighton,  Cinicinnati, Minnesota, Mich, Wichita State
o   TCU upends Kansas for first Big XII basketball win
§  First time Kansas loses consecutive games since 2005
§  How high does this rank on the list of recent upsets?
·         Indiana falls to Illinois in stunner
o   Revolving door at #1 spot
o   Is there even a “best team” right now?

Friday, February 1, 2013

Show 5.2: A Very CASUAL Afternoon

To listen to the show, CLICK HERE
Thanks again to CasualHoya for the interview!


·         What do you think of the wild rollercoaster that has been the last 2 weeks?
·         Thoughts on Greg Whittington
o   Can we win without him?
·         Thoughts on Mikael Hopkins
o   Have we given him enough chances?
·         How long did it take to get Casual Jr. to stop crying after the horrendous jump ball call on Saturday?
·         10 games left in conference play
o   How many wins do we NEED to get into the tourney?
o   How many wins do you THINK we will get?
·         Thoughts on St. John’s
o   Are they as good as their Big East record indicates?
o   Will Saturday come as easy as the first matchup in NYC?
·         Thoughts on the St. John’s/Syracuse series to start next year
o   Would Georgetown ever agree to a series only to be played in the Garden?


·         Scampernick vs. Flacco
o   Two very different styles of quarterback. Which has advantage in the dome?
·         Each side features potent defense and running attacks.
o   Would you rather have Frank Gore or Ray Rice?
·         Ray Lewis’ last game ever
o   What do you expect from the future hall of famer?
·         Compare defenses
·         How significant is this attempt at a 6th championship for San Francisco?
·         What will be the X-Factor for each team in this game?
·         Beyonce: Will she or will she not lip-sync this after inauguration controversy?
·         Who ya got?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Show 5.1: We're down 2 men, but The Lounge is still open!

Apologies in advance, internet troubles caused our recording to end up very butchered.

To listen to what parts of the show WERE recorded, CLICK HERE to get to all 4 parts of the show.

Today's topic's of discussion:

Georgetown starts Big East 0-2, bounces back with wins in 3 of last 4.
Close losses to Marquette, USF on the road. Worst loss since 1971 against Pitt at home
 Lopsided wins against St. Johns, Providence, Notre Dame
Opinions so far?
      #5 Louisville on Saturday
Louisville enters on 2-game losing streak. Is this a must-win for Georgetown?
·    Mikael Hopkins remains ineffective
Time for Moses to start at center?

Revolving door at the top of the rankings
Duke, Michigan, Kansas, Syracuse, Arizona. Which is the top team?
·     Kentucky a middling team right now at best. KARMA.
Winless against Top 25.
Will they make the tournament?
·     Rushing the court
Maryland rushes against NC State
Butler rushes against lower-ranked Gonzaga
Miami and NC State rush against Duke 
Is it getting to be just too much?